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The word 3CCD (Charge Coupled Device ) Camera” really doesn't tell you much. You can see it  advertised on consumer cameras in stores all around town. 3CCD technology is the latest in devices that converts light in electronics digital impulses. Compared with the old 1CCD device, the new 3CCD is based on 3 layers of image acquisition cells, one for each color component of the white color. This way, the new 3CCD chip is capable of a much increased noise to signal ratio, allowing perfect shoots in a reduced light environment. Also the color depth is more vivid and closer to reality. Of course, there's a lot of settings in a professional 3CCD camera an operator should to do in order to take advantage of its all 3CCD features and benefits. But don't be fooled by the 3CCD logo on a camera or the size of it. Only the DV tape-recording system can take full advantage of a 3CCD element. A S-VHS camera can have a 3CCD head, but in this case the quality that the head provide is too much degraded by the limitation of the analog recording system like S-VHS, VHS or HI8. Putting a 3CCD head on a S-VHS camera is like putting a Ferrari engine in a lawn mower. No match! We at Golden West Digital have properly equipped ourselves with the best technology available. We invite you once again to take advantage of our top of the line system by entrusting us with the video-recording of your once in a life time event.

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1 CCD Camera
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3 CCD Camera





Our 3CCD DV Cameras JVC-DV500U

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